My Digital Nomad Countdown: Exploring Connemara

My Digital Nomad Countdown Rebecca Spelman

Although I write in a lot of different industries, travel and tourism are my favourite things to write about. I love to travel- after all, that’s a major reason why I’m on the journey this blog series is following! I’ve been working as a travel writer since the beginning of my freelance career nearly two years ago, but I’ve always written about places I already know. Yesterday, my travel writing career moved to the next level as I traveled for work, exploring a new place specifically so I could write about it.

I went on a day tour of Connemara as part of a project with a local tour company. Connemara is an area in the west of Ireland that’s known for its rugged beauty and connection to traditional Irish culture.

Roundstone Connemara Rebecca Spelman
Roundstone, Connemara

For me, this day exploring symbolised me taking the next step in my business. Since starting my digital nomad countdown, I’ve been putting a lot of work into my freelance business and I feel like it’s finally starting to pay off. I keep knocking on wood whenever I feel like I’m achieving because I’m afraid it’s a fluke or that I’ll lose it, but it really seems to be happening. I think this could be the first step toward reaching my goal.

Part of a course I’ve been taking recommended setting regular goals along a timeline, and that timeline fits in pretty well with my digital nomad countdown. Here’s what I decided:

One-month goal: I want to have gained three new clients. I want to make enough money to pay my bills. I want to be more confident in my ability to run my business.

Three-month goal: I want to consistently be making enough money to cover everything I need. I want to be less stressed about hustling. I want to be spending more time working on projects and less time looking for them.

Six-month goal: I want my income to be consistent enough that I can think about long-term financial goals. I want to be saving a small amount. I’d like to buy myself something nice and not have to worry about it.

One-year goal: I want to be able to work as a digital nomad. I want my business to be strong and my income to be regular. I want to plan my first nomad trip.

These goals are a bit behind my digital nomad countdown, so I haven’t reached the end of my first month yet. However, I’ve already reached my goals. Maybe part of my next goal needs to be to stop knocking on wood every time things go well. I think they’ll only improve from here.

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