Case study: Grow Remote

The Problem

I became involved in Grow Remote in its very early days, when it was just a WhatsApp group of people who wanted to change the world of remote working. This community had huge potential, there was just one problem: no-one had heard of it.

It was my job to change that.

The Goal

With Grow Remote’s content, there were two main aims.

  1. Raise awareness of the movement. Grow Remote wanted to reach remote workers and interested communities across the country to create a national network. To create a national network, you need to be known across the country.
  2. Create interest in the group’s first event. The first Grow Remote conference was to be held in September 2018, just a few short weeks after the project was launched. Creating content was a key part of engaging with the target demographic. Coverage of the event after it had taken place would also help to create awareness of the group.

The Process

My process for this project had three stages: before, during, and after the event.

Most of my work before the event was done through Twitter. I created content that led readers to the website and event to boost ticket sales. I looked at what the remote work industry was discussing and wrote relevant Tweets, engaging with the community and showing Grow Remote’s value in the space.

During the event, I live-Tweeted each conference talk and engaged with other Twitter users who were attending. Using the hashtag #GrowRemote, we built a discussion that was soon trending in Ireland. This process gave attendees an opportunity to voice their opinions in real time and connect with like-minded people they wouldn’t have otherwise met.

After the event, I created content on the Grow Remote website that covered the event’s talks and gave further information on some of the topics mentioned. This content was a great resource as many attendees shared it on social media, spreading the word of Grow Remote. It also showed the larger remote work community what the group was capable of achieving.

The Result

Over the course of the project, Grow Remote’s Twitter account received:
– 304,900 Tweet impressions
– 822 new Twitter followers

Here is a selection of the content I produced for this project:

Here’s what Grow Remote founded Tracy Keogh had to say about my work:

I’d absolutely recommend Rebecca’s work. She volunteered for Grow Remote and took initiative at every opportunity. She added well to the culture and produced excellent work consistently and in fast paced, ambiguous environments. She has the ability to understand subjects quickly and communicate them beautifully.