Case study: Freelance Travel Network

Rebecca Spelman Freelance Travel Network

The Problem

I discovered Freelance Travel Network’s problem when I was a customer of theirs. I had received a free booklet after taking a webinar, and this booklet included a copy-and-paste section with templates freelancers could send to potential clients. The problem was, these templates were riddled with grammar and spelling errors. Any freelancer using this resource could be creating a bad first impression, which was the complete opposite of the product’s intention.

The Goal

This booklet already had great information; it just needed the language adjusted so it could be used as a professional resource. My goal was not to change the writer’s words or meaning: all I planned to do was correct any grammar or spelling issues within the document.

The Process

A key part of this project was making sure I didn’t erase the writer’s style. To ensure this didn’t happen, I did a careful reading of the document, as well as some other resources I had by the same writer.

Once I was confident of the tone of voice, I thoroughly studied the document and corrected any spelling or grammar errors that were found. Once all the corrections had been made, I re-examined the booklet to check that the style was consistent and no errors had been missed.

The Result

The old booklet was replaced by my corrected version. Now, freelancers can use Freelance Travel Network’s booklet templates as intended without any fear of making a bad first impression.

Here’s what Freelance Travel Network founder Danielle Thompson had to say about my work:

Working with Rebecca was amazing! She is an excellent writer and editor. The unique aspect of working with Rebecca is the ownership she takes on projects. Rebecca identified the weaknesses in our content and then corrected them ! She didn’t only execute but pointed us in the right direction. I would highly recommend Rebecca to anyone looking for an amazing copywriter or content consultant!