Case study: ANS Global

Rebecca Spelman ans global case study

The Problem

ANS Global manufacture and sell eco-friendly architectural installations such as green walls and living roofs. They had previously been outsourcing a lot of their sales, but had found this to be an inefficient method of getting their products to customers. Their new approach was to sell their products directly from their website.

The challenge here was introducing potential customers to the products. If someone wasn’t searching Google for a green wall or living roof, how could they come to learn about these products?

The Goal

I had previously created blog posts for this company with a different goal. These posts had been about the industry and while they mentioned ANS Global’s products, they focused primarily on spreading industry-relevant information.

Now that the company’s sales approach had changed, my approach to the blog also had to adapt. My newer blog posts adapted the company’s tone of voice so it was consistent with older content, but had new priorities. Rather than simply educating the reader on environmental architecture, I was showing them the benefits of ANS Global’s product options.

The Process

Because ANS Global operates within quite a technical niche, my writing within this project was very research-oriented. Every blog post needed to be factual, educational, and cite reliable sources.

Writing blog posts that discussed the environmental architecture industry required researching many subsections of the topics, such as environmental policies implemented by governments around the world, and new movements in eco-friendly construction and design. As the blog’s purpose evolved, my research moved toward a deeper understanding of the company’s products and their applications for individuals and businesses.

The Result

ANS Global’s blog is steadily increasing its viewership numbers, and the website’s product pages are regularly being visited through links within the blog posts.

Here’s a selection of the product-oriented blog posts I’ve written over the course of this project: