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Calamity Theatre Rebecca Spelman

I currently run three social media accounts for Calamity Theatre: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I set up these accounts and regularly create content for them. I also run an email campaign. During busy periods in the company, I have worked with a PR manager to create a content schedule, which they followed. Here are samples of my work:


Facebook is Calamity Theatre’s main social media platform. It has the largest following of any of the platforms and receives the most engagement. I regularly post content on this platform and have employed several ad campaigns using Facebook Ads.

We’re ready and excited for showtime at Town Hall Theatre Galway!🎭Join us at 8.30 tonight for the first performance of Apoptosis. We’re here all week. ( till Thursday)

Geplaatst door Calamity Theatre op Maandag 25 februari 2019
Audience reactions to Apoptosis

Hear from last nights audience before joining us for Apoptosis tonight and every night (till thursday) at 8.30pm at the Town Hall Theatre Galway! 🎭Filmed by Piotr Łyszkiewicz

Geplaatst door Calamity Theatre op Dinsdag 26 februari 2019


Instagram has been an excellent way to engage with other companies in the industry, and my skills using Canva have been utilised here. The link between Facebook and Instagram means that I have been able to reap the benefits of Facebook Ads campaigns through this account.


Calamity Theatre’s Twitter account is focused less on potential audience members and more on creating a presence within the theatre community.


I create the company’s email campaigns using MailChimp. Below is an example of one of the emails.