8 Halloween Costume Ideas for Irish Couples

Halloween Irish Couples Costume Ideas Rebecca Spelman

Alright lads, we’ve reached October, there’s no denying that summer is over. Maybe it’s for the best, I don’t think the country could handle any more sunshine. Regardless of whether you’re ready to get cosy or dreading six months of daily rain, it’s autumn time and that means one thing:

Halloween is near.

If you have a best friend, significant other, or someone who owes you a huge favour, this is the perfect time of year to put them to good use. Get a couple’s costume and make your night twice as fun! I decided to go for an Irish twist with my list because it’s fun to be topical. Please don’t try these if you’re American, you’ll only embarrass yourself.


1. Two packs of Tayto. One cheese and onion, one salt and vinegar. If you don’t want to be too matching, swap out the salt and vinegar for a bottle of Cidona.


2. The Republic and Northern Ireland. The smaller person needs to be the North so they can sit on the other person’s shoulders. Perfect opportunity to work on your terrible Norn Iron accent.


3. The UK and the EU. Spend the night arguing and talk about moving away from each other, but don’t actually do it. You’re not ready yet. Maybe by Christmas. Let’s say next Halloween, just to be safe.


4. The Pope and the Popemobile. The smaller person should be the Pope so the Popemobile can transport them via piggyback ride. Might make your night a bit unsocial though, seeing as no-one will show up to hang out with you…


5. Socky and Dustin from The Den. Like Zig and Zag, but for Irish millennials. Dustin gets too much attention in my opinion. It’s time to let Socky know he hasn’t been forgotten.


6. Morbegs. Get in on that ’90s nostalgia by dressing up as Molly and Rossa. If you see any wizards while you’re out and about on Halloween, see if they’ll let you live with them in their castle. You could also brush up on some of their songs if you want a party trick ready.


7. Sexy Morbegs. I don’t know what sexy Morbegs are, and I don’t want to know. This is for people who want to create genuine horror this Halloween. If you do this, don’t tell me about it.


8. Fuckin’ notions. This is a chance to get creative with your costumes- what do notions look like to you? Whether you decide to go for a pair of clouds that say things like “chicken fillay roll” or just dress up far too much for the occasion, act like you have a hape of notions and then get it on by the end of the night. Voilá, fuckin’ notions.

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