#100DaysofWriting: Day 100

#100DaysofWriting Rebecca Spelman Day 100

Five months ago, I decided to take up the #100DaysofWriting challenge. If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s a play on the #100DaysofCode challenge. If you haven’t heard of THAT, the basic idea is that you write an hour a day for a hundred days. I write a lot anyway, so I thought I might as well step up my game and take on the challenge.

Here’s how it went.

Day 1

The first piece I wrote for this challenge was this blog post: #100Daysof Writing: Day One. Even just a quick glance between that post and this one will show you how my writing style has changed. (I should mention, however, that a WordPress formatting update also played a big part in stylistic differences.) In that first blog post, I said that I would put my own spin on the challenge. Instead of writing for 100 days in a row, I would simply do 100 days of writing at my own pace. I decided to do this because I knew that I wouldn’t keep up with a schedule of 100 consecutive days. In my Day One blog post, I say ” I’ve got some time-consuming stuff coming up”- and let me tell you, that stuff consumed a lot of time. I think it’s more important to stick to the challenge than its rules. I did 100 days of writing, I just didn’t do them all in a row.

What can you write in 100 days?

The short answer: whatever you want!

Obviously I write on my blog pretty regularly; I try to post something once a week. I liked the idea of dedicating my #100DaysofWriting to my blog because I would be able to showcase all the work I did through the challenge. However, creative work rarely goes the way you want it to. I run a theatre company called Calamity Theatre and over time, more of my writing hours went to a play I’m developing. That said, I still wrote quite a few blog posts during the challenge (check out the list below!).

My #100DaysofWriting blogs

My #100DaysofWriting experience

I really enjoyed doing this challenge. I logged my hours in a notebook and really enjoyed watching the list fill up. There were a few times when I wouldn’t have written anything if it hadn’t been for the challenge, and I’m glad I had that push. 100 days can seem like a lot, but I’d encourage anyone who feels daunted to break it up like I did. They say it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert at something. This challenge has gotten me that little bit closer to becoming an expert writer.

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