I’ve been working as a freelance copywriter for years, and my experience has made me very flexible when it comes to taking on new projects.

Below is a selection of my previous work.

Copy Writing

I have previously written web content for multiple clients, including the following:

    • Landing page content
    • Product descriptions
    • Industry blog posts
    • Customer information (FAQs, return policies, etc.)
    • Company mission statements

Grow Remote

I am currently working with Grow Remote to add and maintain their website content. This includes landing page content, company information, educational resources, blog posts, and more.

Creative Writing

I have extensive playwriting experience, with my original play Apoptosis returning to the stage in February 2019. Check out my theatre page to learn more about my work in the industry. Below is a selection of my short plays.

I also have experience in other areas of creative writing, such as stories, poetry, and speeches.

Technical Writing

Technical Writing Course

Course: Technical Writing (Advanced)

Source: Learning Cloud

In 2018, I earned a certificate in technical writing. This course featured the following modules:

    • Scope and nature of technical writing
    • Presentation of technical writing
    • Matching style and content to the audience
    • Planning and developing a logical structure/format
    • Collaborative writing
    • Technical articles for periodicals
    • Manuals and procedures
    • Project proposals
    • Project reports

Digital Marketing

I am currently working on digital marketing teams for two groups and earning a certificate through Udemy.

Calamity Theatre

I am the director of Calamity Theatre and currently oversee the PR manager’s work. In the past I have run the company’s social media accounts, and I work with the current PR manager to increase engagement through our content.

Grow Remote

As part of the Grow Remote content team, I create content for the group’s social media platforms. I also managed their Twitter account during the first Grow Remote event.

Course: The Complete Digital Marketing Course

Source: Udemy

I am currently earning a certificate in digital marketing through Udemy. The course features the following modules, as well as several others:

    • Market research
    • Email marketing
    • Copywriting
    • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
    • Google Analytics
    • YouTube marketing
    • Facebook marketing
    • Twitter marketing
    • Instagram marketing
    • LinkedIn marketing
    • App marketing
    • Google Ads
    • Facebook Ads